Praise God! We are kinda available!

September 14, 2008

Okay, at last we at least have a place to update you.  We are currently riding out Hurricaine Ike in Moutain Grove, MO.  We attended Calvary Temple this morning and Pastor Bill Morris and his wife, Carla took us out to lunch.  We intended to attend another church this evening with Mellissa Cantrelle but she told us they were without power so we will attend Calvary Temple again this evening.  We have completed 34 walking days and have traveled 680 miles.  Our team now consists of Matthew Priddle, Noah Myer and me, Mike Warriner.  We will try to fill you in with some of our pictures and experiences as I learn how to drive this blog.


One Response to “Praise God! We are kinda available!”

  1. Gwen Tribble Says:

    I am praying for you guys every day, and asking the Lord to give you folks to talk to that need Him. I also ask Him to bless you and to provide everything that you have need of for that day.

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