SEPT. 18

September 18, 2008

Quite a day yesterday as we traversed the whole city of Springfield MO.  We had the opportunity to witness to many on the city square, along the streets and at Missouri State University. Walking through town takes more time because of traffic lights and more people to talk to. We finished up on the northwest side of Springfield about 5:00 and rushed down to Mat and Heather Worthy’s home to meet for supper.  By the time we got there and little Michael finished soccer practice it was too late to eat so we hurried on to James River Church where we got reserved seating right at the front of this 6,700 attendee church. We were blessed to get the opportunity to pray with AG leaders from 16 Latin American countries, the presence of God was everywhere. Heard a good message on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Pastor John Lindell prayed for us. Its nice to see such a huge church with an approachable pastor. Met a few great folks then raced to Golden Corral to eat before they closed.  My cousins, Butch and Sue, gave us some gift cards to GC so we ate and treated our hosts. After stuffing, we went  to the beautiful Worthy home and showered and slept.  Heather was kind enough to get up and make breakfast before we left. That’s Heather and her daughter Lillian in the picture.


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