September 19, 2008

                                                  Frankie,Carol, Bridgette,Jimmy,Noah and Matt

The Holy Spirit is so guiding us. After a long day of walking west on historic Route 66 and a nice break at Hillside Baptist Church,west of Springfield, we came to that time when we needed to find our resting place for the night. I tried several churches while Matt and Noah continued walking but found no one available. I tried a veternarian’s compound, they said no.  I tried a big grassy area by a construction company but when I called the owner, he was reluctant.  I tried another church and called the number listed for the pastor, no answer. I prayed,”Lord, you have been so present to show us your way. There are not a lot of choices out here and I don’t know where to go.” I was driving slowly and started past an arena I had already passed three times and felt like I should turn in. As I pulled in the long driveway I noticed the smaller things on the sign I had ignored before, like the scripture verse and the cowboy kneeling to pray before a cross. I began to weep knowing that God had been directing me all the time.  I went up to the arena and spoke to the owner, Jimmy Parnell, and found a brother. “Sure, anywhere you want to stay is fine,” was his response to my inquery. We talked a while and then I headed back to pick up the guys. Resting spot found, we headed for the nearest town to buy some food to cook for supper, but stumbled across a Chinese buffet instead. Jimmy came in from a Cowboy Church meeting after I had already conked out for the night but told Noah he wanted to treat us to breakfast.  This morning we met Jimmy and Frankie, a horse trainer, and had a great time of fellowship and food. Carol, Jimmy’s wife, is a school bus driver,mother,ranch hand and pretty much anything she needs to be. These are special people, the heart and soul of America, cowboys who love the Lord. Meeting them was an honor.


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