Sept 24

September 25, 2008

Sometimes God uses us to be a blessing and sometimes he uses others to bless us. Leon and Geneva Pearce blessed us as they told of a life of Christian service and God’s blessing on them. Leon told us of a man that they had reached out to that returned to his old ways. They didn’t have a grain of unforgiveness. To the contrary Leon asked us tearfully if we would contact this man in prison and see if we could help him. My mind went to Stephen as he was being stoned to death saying “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” What an inspiration! Leon told me about his cattle farming, “I’m 74, I don’t keep the heifers any more and my brood cows are getting old. We’ll see who goes first, me or the cows. Either way I’m out of the cattle business.” It was a joy to sit in their little kitchen and listen to the wisdom of age. Thank you, Lord, for folks like these who are “the arms reaching and the hands healing.”  We made it to Parsons today but will drive back to Oswego to speak at Oswego Assembly and spend another night with Pastor Steve and Gwen. Today we finished at 860 miles, but who’s counting.


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