Sept 25

September 25, 2008

Jordan, Gwen, David, Steve McBrien

Jordan, Gwen, David, Steve McBrien

These are the McBriens. The more I get to know them the more blessed I feel that God has brought us to a kindred spirit. We spoke at their service last night. I felt a real unction to read from Ezekiel 34 about the “dry bones” and spoke that some of what God was doing with HopeWalk was stirring the dry bones in the body and using us to bring some fresh breath. When I sat down, Gwen tearfully recounted that the night before she had recieved the same message while driving home and almost had to pull over in a Holy Spirit “moment.” Pastor Steve encouraged the whole church to buy our book, The Church in the Wilderness, because he felt it would revive the church. The Lord spoke a word to a young man, Aaron, and gave him some encouragement.                                                                   

Today we walked from Parsons into the Kansas countryside. No stores, gas stations or bathrooms for miles and miles. Harleigh Calame found us on the road and told us he had us covered for the next 4 nights because where we stopped was 16 miles from Fredonia with nothing around, tomorrow we will reach Fredonia, Saturday we will go past Fredonia and there is still nothing so we will come back to Fredonia to stay and attend church at First Assembly where we are being hosted.


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