Sept 26

September 26, 2008

For those of you who try to imagine what its like walking down the side of the road for 20 miles a day, join Noah and Matt in this picture. Temperature is about 90 and those trucks are going past at 65 miles an hour, no shade and when the wind blows it feels like a convection oven. But we are having a wonderful time because of the people and circumstances God brings across our path.  We started this morning with breakfast with Mike and Glen and a whole bunch of school age kids at a local diner. Its an every Friday morning gathering to encourage and mentor the kids. They meet at 7am before school and just fellowship. The guys made good time today and we finished about 3:45. On our way back to the church a couple of the young men we had breakfast with waved us over on their way home from school. We had a nice chat and invited them over to the church later on if they wanted to talk more. Harleigh Calame is taking us out to dinner tonight. He has truly been our angel in Fredonia. Today we passed 900 miles. Funny how when you just keep on keepin’ on you can accomplish amazing things particularly when you are keep on keepin’ on with Jesus


One Response to “Sept 26”

  1. Tom Iandiorio Says:


    This is an awesome journey! A big inspiration for me!


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