Sept 27

September 27, 2008

We got an early start today after visiting Mrs. C’s breakfast buffet to cash in on two meals Noah won in a drawing Friday. The picture is after the first two miles and the fog was still pretty evident. The good start and wide shoulder made for a quick day finishing around 2:45. We visited Fall River Lake on the way back to Fredonia and Noah took a swim. Harleigh called and invited us over for a spaghetti dinner and to do our laundry. Gerry fixed a super meal and we watched the Gaithers while we ate. Finally back to the church and ready to rest but had to let you guys know the news of the day. We did not meet a single person to talk to today because of the wide open stretches out here. We are working on a plan to speed things up in places like this without compromising the integrity of our journey. We will keep you abreast once we complete the details. The upside is it gives us a lot of personal time to meditate on the Lord and his goodness as well as the incredibleness of his creation. I’m going to add a few gallery shots from today.


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