Sept 28

September 28, 2008

No picture today, I got lazy. We had a wonderful time in Sunday School and church and then a huge gathering for lunch to honor the pastor who is retiring. We have been ministering one on one pretty much all day in one way or another but we did manage to snatch a nap this afternoon. This church, First Assembly, Fredonia, is so giving. Noticing that our van had tires that were getting pretty slick, they have  made arrangements for new tires in the morning. Thank you, Lord, for the love you have placed in your family. We ask you, Father, to multiply back to every church and individual that has helped us along our journey. We thank you for those who you have placed before us to speak words of encouragement and sometimes exhortation. Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our hearts please and bless you my Lord.


One Response to “Sept 28”

  1. Evalyn Beagles Says:

    Dear Guys,
    Fall River is where my dad liked to go and we went there for one of my teen birthday’s! Noah was probably swimming somewhere in the same area that I did!
    What a marvelous blessing to receive new tires for the van! Thank you Lord!
    I know very well the long, long stretches of land in Kansas! God speed and God Bless, Love, Ev

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