September 30, 2008

“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”  (Philippians 4:11)  This seemed a very appropriate scripture for today. Yesterday it was a home on the range and today a real house with a/c, tv and shower. We never know what God is going to supply but it always fits the need. The brisk Kansas wind across the prairie was cool last night and we slept like babies snuggled in our sleeping bags. I’m sure tonight sleeping in a bed will be even more relaxing. We have been out in the wilderness for the last two days and have had no one with whom to talk. Tomorrow we will start back in to some populated areas with more opportunities. We have enjoyed the time to look within ourselves to let the Holy Spirit search our innermost thoughts and have all had some new revelations. Draw us nearer to you, Lord, is the heart cry of all the HopeWalk guys. Our needs are being met on the road but we still have some monthly expenses at the office. We would like to ask each of you to ask the Lord if you should make a donation to Crossroads and if so how much. If you follow His leading He is certain to multiply your gift with “good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over.”(Luke 6:38)


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