Oct 2

October 2, 2008

Downtown Wichita has some very unique visitors on the sidewalks(see gallery). It took all day to walk through Wichita. Road construction caused us to detour right through the middle of the city. It has a very nice downtown. Matt and Noah spent some time witnessing to homeless guys today at a couple of different places. Noah took a little time to support an anti-abortion rally. I visited several churches, some small, some huge. Consequently we finished late but surpassed 1,000 miles. We celebrated with a meal at Red Lobster and some icecream from Braun’s. We reflected on some of the events and experiences of the past two months and 1,000 miles across this great land and know that God has so had us in his hands.  We have seen his glory, compassion, creativity and mighty power over and over.  We have been blessed by the many “angels” he has placed in our path.  We have seen the Body of Christ acting as a true family.  The common Christian has a desire for unity and a heart to reach out to one another.  I believe the church is truly making some strides to come out of the wilderness and reflect the glory of God and the hope in Jesus.


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