Oct 6

October 6, 2008

The picture tells today’s story, rain, rain, and more rain.  We had to take time out today to buy some more rain gear.  We made it to one mile short of Pratt.  First Assembly treated us to motel rooms so we could dry out.  Something about rain seems to make one feel twice as tired.  Pastor Bryan Parker drove over from Kingman to check on us.  God placed me in a position to pray with a manager at Walmart who was having less than a great day.  She recently moved here and hasn’t become established in a church family.  I believe God placed me in a place to remind her that He is her peace. That is the desire of our hearts, use us Lord in any way, to any one, at any time you choose and help us to be available for your call.  Give us ears that hear and eyes that see and a soft and changeable heart that we may be  your arms and hands to heal your people.  It is an awesome responsibility to be servants and messengers of the great I AM, but it is also a real privilege to be right in His power zone to see His glory.  We know that God works in ways we never see but He also makes Himself known to those who seek Him.  We never cease to be awed at the majesty of Almighty God.  Thank all of you who have allowed us to serve the Lord on this journey, we hope this blog allows you to share some of the joy we walk in every day as His servants.


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