Oct 7

October 7, 2008

     We spent the majority of the day walking beside the Union Pacific railroad track.  It was a very blustery day, cool with heavy wind.  I was wondering about what I would relate this evening when the remembrance of all the railroad workers we had passed today sprang to mind.  Our lives can be a lot like a railroad track, going in the same direction, doing the same things we’ve always done, taking things for granted and then suddenly there’s a crisis.  Like this railroad crossing, hundreds of railroad cars have passed over this same roadway for months, maybe years.  One day the tracks are noticeably uneven and repair must be done before another train passes by.  Two trains were waiting down the track for repairs to be finished.  Sometimes we keep doing the same things so long that we don’t notice that we aren’t doing them as well or as often as we used to.  We didn’t suddenly stop reading our Bible daily, we just missed a day now and then and then a week and now we can’t remember when we last seriously studied the Word.  We used to pray every day and then there was that week we were really busy and it just sort of became a new habit not to spend time with the Lord in prayer.  Then, suddenly, we have a problem, maybe even a crisis.  If we are honest with ourselves, we know the crisis just didn’t pop up. It’s been brewing for a while and we just didn’t do the maintenance in our life that would have prevented our present dilemma.  We couldn’t or wouldn’t slow down enough to do the things we knew we should be doing, we didn’t stop the train to fix the track.  We can learn a great lesson from the railroad, if we keep a close eye on our lives and do the maintenance that keeps it running smoothly, meditating on the Word and regular prayer, we won’t have to face derailments too often.            

      We put in a long day and made it to Haviland where the Haviland United Methodist Church let us stay in what has been their recovery center for the victims of the Greensburg tornado.  We will walk through Greensburg tomorrow.








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