Oct 10

October 10, 2008

Dodge City KS is well represented by by this image.  This was, is and will always be a town defined by the cattle industry, from the cattle drive days of the longhorns and cowboys to the modern days of Angus and Peterbilts.  Slaughter houses and feed lots are everywhere.  Here they have the school teachers hall of fame and the gunslingers wax museum.  It’s quite a town.  We are being graciously hosted by the First Missionary Church.  Matt is suffering from some kind of sinus infection but Dr. Andy, the worship leader at the church, came to the rescue with an after hours house call and some samples to help us all with our allergies.  We did another interview with the Dodge City Globe and will try to post a link so you guys can read what they say.  Depending on Matt’s condition we may have to lay over here tomorrow  and let him recover.  We had supper at Applebee’s with Adam and Alissa Rankin from First Missionary and had a great time, that family of God thing again.  We gave our waitress a brief version of the Gospel and hopefully planted a seed that the church can follow up.  I felt her soul hungering for the hope in Jesus.  “Lord, please water the seed that we planted and bring this precious soul to your forgiveness and eternal life.”


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