Oct 13

October 13, 2008

We reluctantly left the comfort of First Missionary in Dodge City and walked into the cold prairie.  I have to give recognition to Kendra Blackwood, the youth pastor’s wife, who cooked and delivered breakfast to us on her way to teach school. What a sweetheart!  Before the day was over the sky had cleared, the sun was out and it turned into a beautiful day.  Noah got us off to a fast start while Matt, still recovering from his illness, and I went to Walmart to restock.  Pastors Jeff and Justin came out to take a few pictures.  As the afternoon progressed Matt felt better and joined Noah.  I found Pastor Darren Rempel in his office at Valleyview Bible Church in Cimarron.  He invited us to stay in the youth room and called another brother, Ken Penner, who stopped by and took us to supper.  Brother Ken is quite a guy, farmer, feed lot owner and above all a great man of God.  Once again God closed some doors I tried to open to get us to the right people.  Darren is a kindred spirit in the Lord and is preparing his church to begin to outreach into their community.  Amen!!  God seems to be leading us to relationships with pastors and churches that have a heart for the lost and intend to do something about it.  Praise God for for His direction.  I’m sure these are two brothers with whom we will stay connected. 

The website connection for the Dodge City newspaper article is:  

http://www.dodgeglobe.com/localnews/x282369862/HopeWalkers-trek-through-Dodge-City .



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