Oct 16

October 16, 2008

I have been caught up in the simple beauty of clear blue skies, flat green pastures and the occasional bright color of road signs. We enjoyed our stay at Garden Valley Church and I particularly enjoyed the prayer time last evening with the prayer group.  God bless you all and keep seeking God through prayer.  I would like all of you readers to join in praying for Eden, a two year old girl who has already had a heart transplant and after getting a cast off her leg this week fell and broke her right arm.  She really doesn’t want another cast.  Join me in asking God to do a miracle and totally heal this baby, divinely and miraculously once and for all.  Matt and Noah spoke to the youth while I was at prayer.  Today we made it almost to Lakin.  The United Methodist Church in Lakin gladly got us two motel rooms so we can shower and rest.  Michelle, church secretary, also offered to print some fresh handouts for us tomorrow.  I think she’s our Lakin angel.  Bless her, Lord!  I’m going to add a gallery of a few more of the blue sky, endless horizon, beautiful west Kansas photos.

Don’t forget to buy my book, The Church in the Wilderness. 😉


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