Oct 18

October 18, 2008

So what are our guys so intently working on with some friends from Lakin UMC?  I’ll show you in a minute.  Tom, the gentleman in overalls, is a former vetenarian who got tired of “vetting.”  He did some cattle business but said he lost money every way money could be lost in cows. Now he’s a farmer and handicraft guy.  Richard Brookman, green shirt, back to the camera said he wasn’t going to stay and help, yet as you can see, there he is.  The lady with her back to the shot is Barbara Jarboe, the sherriff’s wife. The other lady is Wanda, same name as my precious mother-in-law.  Truly a great group of folks.  We had a blast!  Then drove back to Kendall and slept in the church.  Every place we’ve been in KS is right beside a railroad track and the engineers enjoy blowing their whistles all night.  I keep hoping its the final trumpet, ten times a night.

If I haven’t told you all before, I am married to the most fantastic woman on earth.  She is truly a gift from God. The hardest part of this journey for me is being separated from Regina for such a long period. Yesterday, we entered into Mountain Time and that makes communication even harder. So indulge me as I say to my precious one, “Baby, I love you more than anything except Jesus and can’t wait to hold your hand.”

Oh yeah, what were we doing at Lakin UMC. Making chickens!! By the way, that’s Barbara from the front.


2 Responses to “Oct 18”

  1. Regina Says:

    Thank you baby. I love you too and I miss you so much! At least we have eternity to spend together! My prayer is that God will use this trip to change the hearts and lives of many and that the Glory of the Lord will cover America. Take care and know I am thinking of you all the time.

  2. Pastor Justin Says:

    Hey now! you weren’t near the train tracks in Dodge… lol 🙂 so what is the purpose of the chickens and is Matt feeling better? Still followin you guys in the blog and praying for you daily!

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