Oct 19

October 19, 2008

We spent the night with Pastor Joe Gould and his wife, Melissa. Joe pastors Christ New Hope Covenant Church in Syracuse.  Joe is also headmaster of the church’s school, Syracuse Christian Academy. They took us out to supper and Melissa made some really good breakfast this morning before church.  Joe invited us to speak at the service and we ended with a wonderful time of praying for the sick and those in bondage.  The Goulds prepared lunch for us and Kerry Finlay, a member of the church, treated Matt and me to much needed haircuts.  Lydia, one of Joe and Melissa’s eight children, is th beautiful girl on the left.  Noah went to play basketball with their son, Phil.  This afternoon we visited the local jail and spent some time with the inmates, giving our testamonies and telling them about the hope in Jesus.  I believe we got through to them and they thanked us for coming. Pray for these young men.  I have to stop now to eat some of Melissa’s beautiful home made with love apple pie.  Tomorrow we leave Kansas and begin our journey across Colorado.


3 Responses to “Oct 19”

  1. Pastor Justin Says:

    Awesome! thats one more state down!

  2. Evalyn Beagles Says:

    Wonderful! Praise the Lord! Did Noah get a haircut, I hope?!!You’re not in Kansas anymore! Love, Mom

  3. tyler mckenna Says:

    Hey Noah, it’s Tyler. Just seeing how you are doing and i want to know if you can come up with a good Godly name for our skate team. Love you hope you are having a great time. I hope to see you when you get back.

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