Oct 20

October 21, 2008

We will begin this blog as our day began, Matt and Noah speaking to the young people at Syracuse Christian Academy. Pastor and Headmaster, Joe Gould kept us busy in Syracuse speaking at his church, at the jail and the school. After this talk we met with “The Colonel” for an interview for the newspaper and then drove 10 miles back out of town to where we stopped on Saturday.  Three ladies from Syracuse joined us for the 5 mile walk into Collidge.



Noah, Pauline, Alva, Carty and Matt

These ladies wanted to make a statement to their community about the Hope in Jesus.  Pauline promised if we come back she will make us some good Mexican food.


The next major event in this exciting day was our arrival in Colorado.  These moments are humbling as we are reminded that long ago many walked this same path into the unknown land to settle and farm these plains.  That God has brought us so far with such blessing is a very real recognition.  This is the 8th state on our journey.  Each state we leave brings wonderful memories and we have learned to enter every new state with great expectation of an outpouring of God’s glory.  We haven’t been dissappointed yet.

A fitting end to the day is meeting up with Pastor Tony Jenkins of First Christian Church in Holly CO.  Tony’s wife was out of town for some medical tests (pray for her) so we were able to give Tony some “man time” with Monday night football and conversation.  We enjoyed both his company and his hospitality.  Some ladies in the church brought over supper of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and brownies.  But a “man night” has to have some pizza with the game so Tony slipped out at halftime and brought back some pizza. (Thanks Melissa for your kind offer but God needed us to spend some time with Tony. We love you and Joe and appreciate all you’ve done for us.)


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