Oct 21

October 21, 2008

This lone building is left at the site of the Amache Internment Camp, a WWII Japanese American relocation center that at one time housed 7,500 citizens.  It is located just outside Granada CO.  I drove around the site while the men walked and felt an eerie sense of grief as I looked over the deserted slabs that had formerly housed these folks.  I will not make a value judgement, but pray something like that never happens in this country again.  I saw out in the middle of this prairie a monument to the 31 men from this camp who gave their lives with 442nd Infantry Regiment and one who was awarded the Medal of Honor.  I am familiar with the 442nd from my days in Hawaii where many of the veterans of the 442nd reside.  God has let the prairie help cover the pain our Japanese American brothers and sisters felt at being uprooted from their lives and relocated to these camps.  I envisioned as best I could a thriving community living here where now there is little to witness of the past.

To lighten things up a bit, there was an abandoned pumpkin farm just past Granada and the guys couldn’t help themselves from acting a little crazy.

 We arrived in Lamar CO today and were welcomed to stay at the Lamar Christian Church.  Many people seemed to know who we are; I guess not many people walk the desolate roadside between these Colorado plains towns.  Tonight the clouds we have seen building on the horizon finally reached us with heavy lightning and mighty wind.  It is a beautiful display of God’s glory.


One Response to “Oct 21”

  1. Pastor Justin Says:

    Stay safe in those storms!! I love the pic of Matt and Noah lol

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