Oct 22

October 22, 2008

Leda Grahn came in this morning and fixed us a grand breakfast and Peggy Fowler joined for the cleanup.  We are so blessed by these ladies.  The wind was blustery and the temperature stayed around 45 deegrees so it was really cold walking today.  The guys had to bundle up and stop at the van for coffee regularly.  Upside is they walked really fast and we finished in time to sightsee at the John Martin Dam and Reservoir near Hasty CO.  We couldn’t find a place to stay in Hasty and it is pretty cold and windy to camp so we returned to First Christian in Lamar.  Leda met us and asked if we would like some chili and cornbread for supper, then asked if she could fix us breakfast in the morning.  Associate Pastor Ray Matteson gave us a book, Wild at Heart, so we could be prepared for the men’s meeting this evening.  Senior Pastor Ian Blacker stopped by to say hello and wish us well.  He’s from Great Britain and when I told him Regina and I had been missionaries in Australia, he made a few Aussie jokes.  Great folks here at First Christian.  We are looking forward to the Men’s Meeting this evening.  We are also looking forward to the chili and cornbread whose aroma is filling the room.

John Martin Dam near Hasty CO

John Martin Dam near Hasty CO


2 Responses to “Oct 22”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    After we spoke at Walmart last night I took a look at the site (Noah). Keep up the good work. If you are still in Lamar, I will see you at the 11am service at LCC. 🙂

  2. Linda Priddle Says:

    Should have told you guys that First Christian Churches have fabulous cooks – I used to be the secretary at a First Christian.

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