Oct 25-26-27

October 27, 2008

Lighthouse Worship Center has been our home for Friday night, Sat. and Sunday night and again for Monday night.  We rested on Saturday and did some sight seeing in La Veta, worshipped and helped celebrate Pastor BJ and Janet’s pastor appreciation lunch on Sunday, and got up this morning and walked to the beginning of La Veta Pass, 20 miles, and drove back to stay inside.  La Veta hasn’t changed much in the 28 years since I last visited.  That was when I walked across America.  One sad note for me was to find that a crazy wonderful woman who had taken us horse packing over the Twin Peaks had passed away.  Floods of great memories flashed through my mind followed by the sorrow of knowing there will be no more.  Sunday’s sermon was very good and the lunch was delicious.  Resting for a weekend renewed our bodies to prepare for the journey into the Rockies.  Monday was a beautiful day, brisk in the morning but warming up quickly as the sun moved higher.  We also moved higher as the day was a steady climb in elevation as the guys walked closer and closer to the mountains.  I hope the transmission holds out on the van.  We have tried to find a Christian mechanic to service it for us but haven’t found one so far.  Still depending on Jesus to get us through.


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