Oct 28

October 29, 2008

You could say we have reached new heights. This morning we left the comfort of our Walsenburg home at Lighthouse Church and began our journey through La Veta Pass into the San Luis Valley.  At 9,413 feet the air is thin and dry so the colors seem to leap out at you.  It was a day when Matt had an epiphany and was humbled by the awesome glory and majesty of God.  He truly took a giant step in his walk with the Lord today.  I am blessed to have experienced it with him.  These times are what teachers live for, thank you Jesus.  The beauty of the pass was evidence of God’s grace toward man.  When we descended to the SLV we found a vast plain surrounded by majestic peaks.  We stopped about 6 miles short of Ft. Garland and were blessed to find Lawrence Pacheco, director of the community center, who made some calls to find us a place indoors.  The temperature in the daytime is wonderful in the high 60’s but at night drops into the high teens.  Robert Espinoza, from the center, got us a key to the old Catholic Church and suggested All-Gon Restaurant for supper. Great advice, Ken Gonzales and his wife have some super homemade salads and soups and Shawna, our waitress, is great cook as well.  They are serious Christians and we were blessed with our meal by their generousity. If you are passing through Ft. Garland, you would do well to stop in All-Gon for lunch or supper.  Ken is on left, Shawna on right.

Just another day of God showing that as Christians we all are family.  We are so grateful to these brothers and sisters and to our heavenly Father.  With the family of God around, you are never a stranger in a strange land.


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