Oct 29

October 29, 2008







Thank goodness these guys were in pens or walking might have been hazardous.  We encountered these beasts as we entered Ft. Garland.  It was a beautiful day and we covered the distance fairly early.  Lots of folks are blowing their horns and waving, word must have gotten out.  It sure gives us a boost of encouragement. Robert Espinoza stopped by the van while I was waiting for the guys and invited us to stay at the Catholic Church again.  So we walked to our destination 8 miles past Blanca, drove out to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and then to the Community Center where we could use their WiFi and finally get a couple of blogs posted.  We are going back to All-Gon for more soup and salad tonight.  Tommorow we will reach Alamosa, our halfway point.


One Response to “Oct 29”

  1. Pastor Justin Says:

    all-gon! thats awesome lol it took me a second to figure it out… i was like all-gon… is that chinese? and then i saw the pic and it all made sense! Say hi to the guys for me mike! we are still here prayin for you!

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