Nov 1

November 1, 2008

We are in South Fork, named for the south fork of the Rio Grande River.  This is some of the most breath taking scenery we have experienced.  Pastor Steven Salazar stopped us today and asked us if we would rather stay in their cabin or the church.  We, of course, chose the cabin located in South Fork over the church located in Del Norte. The “cabin” turned out to be a very nice 2Br home in a nice little subdivision, complete with deer wandering through the yard.  We drove a way up the “Silver Thread”, actually highway 149 that runs along the river through some very picturesque countryside.  After relaxing for a while at the house we ate supper and attended the Sat. night service at New Life Fellowship, Pastor Steve’s church, back in Del Norte.  We enjoyed a little social after the service.  The cabin was nice and toasty when we returned and relaxed around the wood burning stove.  We are sleeping in real beds tonight.  Isn’t it just like our heavenly Father to arrange beds on the night we turn back the clocks and get an extra hour of sleep?  Thank you, Lord.


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