Nov 3

November 3, 2008

s5001636If I were selling my book, there are a lot of places I could go with this picture.  From a HopeWalk standpoint, we have reached the highest elevation we will have in the whole journey.  This is the summit of Wolf Creek Pass, 10,857 feet above sea level.  The brass insert between Matt and Noah is the actual location of the continental divide, water on Matt’s side runs east and on Noah’s side runs west.   I have talked much about the Family of God and the unity that crosses racial, ethnic, cultural, political and social status differences in those who truly follow the calling of our Lord.  There should be no “great divide” in the Body of Christ.  Today was a gruelling day as the guys walked uphill for 20 miles in the very thin air of the ethereal Rockies.  The scenery was so spectacular that they hardly noticed the exertion they put out.  Tomorrow we say a final farewell to South Fork and walk 20 miles downhill to Pagosa Springs.  We want to publicly thank Steve and Donna Salazar for three wonderful nights in their cabin, especially after the hard work today.  Real beds and a shower are pretty special when you only have them occasionally.  

Thank you all for for your prayers for Regina, especially Lamar and Linda, shortly after we prayed in the parking lot all the symptoms of allergic reaction disappeared.  Thank you, Father.

Eight decisions for the Lord at First Missionary Dodge City youth group.  Praise God, Brother Justin!


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