Nov 7

November 7, 2008


s50016731This is the reason Pagosa Springs is called Pagosa Springs.  It is a sulfur dome created over a period of time by the minerals in the warm springs below the surface.  If we aren’t careful about what we take in, what comes out of us may turn us hard and smelly, too.  We met Pastor Al DeBoer of Restoration Fellowship first thing this morning and later Pastor Dwight Dean of Pagosa Springs First Assembly, both gave us great encouragement.  We walked through Pagosa and then into the countryside among the deer and elk.  Scenery is a little different on the west slope, but still incredibly beautiful.  At one of my stops to wait on the guys, I met a man who God had led to this place for such a time as this.  He is going through some changes in his life and, though he had an experience with the Lord at an early age, has moved out of fellowship with Him.  He is an intellectual man with a keenly sensitive mind who recognizes that we are spiritual beings but is not real concerned with the source of that spirit.  We had a very stimulating conversation and explored some of the deeper things of life.  I was able to relate to him my own drifting from fellowship with God and my intellectual skepticism.  He asked me what brought me to the level of commitment that I have today and that opened the door to share the whole gospel with him.  Pray that the seed planted will be watered by the Holy Spirit and this man will come to a full relationship with the Creator God.  After our 20 miles today we came back to Pagosa for another night at Chuck’s place.  The steamy pictures in the gallery are the tourist spas that really looked inviting.


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