Nov 8

November 8, 2008


The walkers at rest.  Saturday night and time to eat and rest. Thank you, Lord, for providing us a place for the weekend. We look forward to attending Restoration Fellowship tomorrow.  Pastor Al seems like a man in touch with the Spirit so the service should be good.  We made it to Bayfield today and will pick up there Monday and walk to Durango.   God willing, we will walk out of Colorado next Saturday. Snow and rain are predicted for Monday and Tuesday but we are prepared to push on through it.  We are getting near the 2,000 mile mark and I, for one, am ready to see my sweetheart.  We praise God for all He is doing along our journey and for those He has brought in our path as new friends as well as folks who need prayer and Jesus.  Thank you, Pastor Marjorie Patterson, for your prayers and encouragement and thank you Kathy and Maria for taking Regina out for some company.  I love all you guys back at the little home church in Franklin NC.  Who would have imagined when we began to pray that God would have such big plans?  Be available and see what God will do in your life!


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