Nov 13

November 13, 2008

s5001720I didn’t take but one picture today so here it is.  Notice the attire, mid-November in Colorado and God is blessing us with shorts and tee shirt weather.  Before the mountains, town signs always had the population, but once you get to the mountains its always the elevation.  Lewis is north of Cortez and is really just an intersection.  We did our twenty and came back to Cortez to see if we could get the van taken care of.  Pastor Rex Adams gave us a man to call.  I did, and Don Whitehead at D&L Auto said to bring it on over.  They checked it head to toe and fixed what needed  to be fixed.  Don apolegetically handed me a bill for $87 including all parts and labor.  Another place in town earlier had estimated a minimum of $400.  He is truly a good man besides his benevolence to us.  His wife and my wife share the same birthday.  I really like this man.  We are at First Assembly for another night and extremely grateful to Pastor Stacy Brankel for his hospitality.


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