Nov 15

November 15, 2008


We are in Utah.  First Baptist Church of Monticello is graciously hosting us tonight and tomorrow night.  We will be attending church here tomorrow and resting up.  God is teaching us so much, even an old guy like me.  From here on in order to save time and some money, we will walk only through areas that have some habitation.  There are literally 50 and 60 mile empty spaces between anything out in this area.  This is a missionary journey, not an atheletic event, so this seems to be the reasonable course of action.   It also means we have a chance of finishing in time to get home for Christmas, if the weather continues to cooperate.  By the way, did you notice both the guys are in shorts?  God has really showed us mercy with the weather not to mention provision.  We continue to be awed at his direction in our journey as he leads us to where he wants us to be and opens the door to witness and encourage every day.  Can we encourage each of you to totally surrender to the Master of the Universe and allow him to lead you and direct your lives?  It is quite an adventure seeing the personal and mighty hand of God in your life on a daily basis.  Holy Spirit, prepare us and lead us through the beehive state as you have through the others.  Let us serve your people and your creation as you please. Amen.


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