Nov 17

November 17, 2008

s50017402Is it a spaceship? a temple?  No, just a big rock shaped by what we theogeologist call the “Great Flood.”  This type formation is very common in the Moab area. We are looking forward to touring Arches National Park on our way to Green River tomorrow.

Van news- Brother Russell Schafer of First Baptist in Monticello touched the van with talent God gave him and lo and behold the van no longer spits, coughs or lurches.  He not only donated his time and parts but hugged our necks as we left.  May God pour out huge blessings on you, Brother Russell. 

We are at First Baptist of Moab tonight.  Pastor Geoff Thomas welcomed us and also gave us a gift certificate to eat at his restaurant, The Moab diner, downtown.  We met Pastor Passion, First Assembly of God, at the diner and he offered to pay for our meal.  I can’t mention enough the goodness of the family of God.


One Response to “Nov 17”

  1. Pastor Justin Says:

    PRAISE THE LORD! Well there is a prayer answered!

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