Nov 18

November 19, 2008

s5001786After breakfast at the Moab Diner compliments of Pastor Geoff, we headed just outside of Moab to Arches National Park.  This picture is of the famous double arch.  This is an incredible place.  We decided God just created it for our amazement and entertainment.  We conferred with several people and concluded that we need not walk through the desert north, nothing and no one for many miles, so we began to drive toward Green River.

s50017905This is what we found.  Endless mile of beautiful desert with nothing else.  Thank God we listened to the local folks.  We stopped briefly in Green River to thank Pastor Kirk Dunham, Green River Bible Church, for his offer to put us up for the night then headed on across the desert.  We passed through Price but could find no place to stay so drove on into more desert.  We tried to find a place until we finally gave up after dark and rented a motel room just south of Salt Lake City.  This will save us a few days.  Guess God wants to make sure we get home to our families for Christmas.

I have some very nice pictures if I can get them to upload with a very low signal.


One Response to “Nov 18”

  1. Pastor Justin Says:

    If i had known i know people in Price I could have found you a place to stay! o well

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