Nov 20

November 20, 2008

s50017991Today’s biggest obstacle was the wind.  It was really whipping.  It did clear away some of the haze that has been hanging over this valley since we got here making the lake easier to see.  We made it to Ogden where we are being hosted by God’s Place, an AoG church.  The weather is continuing to be in our favor and we sure thank God for this blessing.  I have been studying the Book of John while I wait for the guys to catch up and am so reminded of the love of God for his creation, even guys like me.  Thank you, Father, that you loved me so much, as ugly as I was, that you sent your only Son to pay the price for my sin.  Then you added gifts on top of that.  Thank you, Jesus, that you were willing to shed your blood to cover my sin so that I might become a child of the King.  Let’s all try to ponder once in while the grace, mercy and wonder of our heavenly Father.  Live in me is my desire, my Lord, that I might serve you humbly in spirit and in truth.


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