Nov 21

November 21, 2008

s5001802Seems like an unusual picture to lead off the blog.  I don’t know who this guy is.  Here’s the story.  I was parked in an empty lot waiting on the guys.  I saw this guy walking down the opposite side of the street singing and talking with earphones in his ears.  The area wasn’t that great so I assumed it was just one of many homeless bums walking by.  I noticed he was crossing the street and wondered if I should  give him some of the extra crackers we had in the van.  He walked over to my window and said, “Sure is a nice van.”  I thanked him and told him what we were doing.  He said, “I was born in NC, Ft. Bragg.”  Then he said, “You’re doing a great thing, spreading the good news.”  “Thanks,” I said.  Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out some bills, $4, obviously all he had.  “Maybe this will help buy some gas,” he said as he handed it to me and walked away with a smile on his face.  I watched as he walked next door and climbed into a dumpster and begin to go through it and then climbed out and carefully went through the clothes in the cardboard box he found in the dumpster.  Evidently nothing was his size, but he found a jacket that was in pretty good shape and laid it out over the edge of the box so someone else may find it.  Was this guy an angel?  He sure left me in tears and repentance.  But then his goodness also put a smile on my face.s5001808

Then there’s this guy, Christian Waltmire, youth pastor at Brigham City Bible Church, who made arrangements to let us stay at the church and then invited us to his house for breakfast and to meet his wife and 3 children.

Angels or members of the big Jesus family?  I guess it really doesn’t matter.  We will all co-mingle for eternity.  It sure is great to be a part of God’s family.  He sends us whatever or whomever we need so that his will may be done.  All honor, glory and praise to our Father!


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