Nov 26

November 26, 2008

s5001844We stayed at Eastside Baptist last night in Twin Falls.  This is the pastor and his son, are you ready for this, Paul and Silas.  Paul is the pastor and his son, Silas, plans to be a missionary.  Had to get that in the blog.

We walked to Bliss then drove I-84, only road in the desert, to Mountain Home.  The minister’s association put us up here for two nights.  We hadn’t really thought about Thanksgiving affecting us but realized today that churches also take the holidays off.  We were really blessed that someone made some phone calls and the president of the minister’s association was still around to take care of us.  So we will eat a Thanksgiving buffet tomorrow and just take a break.  Thank you churches of Mountain Home for the motel rooms. 

To our family that is getting bigger all the time, thank you all so much for all you have done to help us in our journey to spread the hope in Jesus across America.  May God bless you as you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  Don’t forget to thank the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.


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