Nov 29

November 29, 2008

s5001871I don’t think I’ve ever shown you guys the places we sleep.  This is in the basement of the Vale Nazarene Church in Vale OR.  Last night we slept on our blow ups in the gym/fellowship hall at Nyssa Nazarene Church.  We have slept in church sanctuaries, nurseries, gyms, fellowship halls, classrooms and hallways.  Some have showers and kitchens we can use and others only a bath.  Some are warm and cozy, some barely warm enough to keep the icicles from forming.  All are better than being outside in the elements of winter.  We are very grateful to the family of God all along our journey for opening their doors to us and often giving us far more than a place to stay.  Tonight, for instance, Pastor Mike Bannon’s wife, Sharon, comped us a meal at their restaurant, Starlite Restaurant, here in Vale. Thank you, Sharon, the food was fantastic and the service was perfect.s5001868

Oh, and just in case you guys forgot there are volcanoes in the US…..


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