Dec 1

December 1, 2008

s5001878This is the way our day began.  Driving through the heavy fog of the high desert on our way to Prairie City.  We actually had to go through two mountain passes and then descend into town.






Just before we got there, the fog lifted and we were presented with this beautiful view.  We went to the edge of town where we began walking and walked through Prairie City and John Day and on to Mt. Vernon.  Then we backtracked to John Day to stay at the John Day Nazarene Church.  Pastor Dan Wiese and Youth Pastor Brad Williamson stopped by on their day off to welcome us.  s5001883


The guys drove this Conestoga wagon part of the way but their oxen got loose so they had to walk the rest of the way. Though this part of Oregon doesn’t have a lot of people, the ones we have found have been very hospitable.  Many have told us we have really been an inspiration to them.  We hope that inspiration only grows and never wavers as the Holy Spirit begins to direct their paths.  God only requires that we be available to serve, He will supply everything else.


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