Dec 5

December 5, 2008

s5001952The owner of this restaurant, Tim Perkins, personifies what I have been discussing about the family of God.  Tim didn’t know us when we walked in for supper, but when he heard what we are doing, he came over, shook our hands and said supper was on the house.  He told us that the church needs to be inspired and thanked us for trying to do just that.  By the time we left, we had a new brother and were further blessed to meet his daughter, Tabitha, and son-in-law, Marshall, this morning when we stopped in for breakfast.  The restaurant is in an old church building and is called, Our Daily Bread.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop in and give Tim’s food a try.  I recommend Curry Chicken Salad.



This is Tabitha and Marshall Eck, Tim’s daughter and son-inlaw. She is the breakfast cook and a very good one indeed.

Tomorrow we will walk the last 20 miles and finish this part of our journey at Heceta Beach on the Oregon Coast.  We will have covered over 2,800 miles, over 2,100 of which we walked.  We have witnessed to thousands, seen many come to the Lord, and been thanked by hundreds for what we are doing to inspire and encourage.  We have made many very good friends and have rejoiced with the Family of God across this nation.  I don’t believe any of us would trade this time for anything.  We have walked in and witnessed the incredible grace of God at every turn. God bless each of you who have been with us in spirit through this journey, we haved walked in your prayers.


2 Responses to “Dec 5”

  1. Janet Hair Says:

    Hi Guys, and Mike,

    WOW!!!Praise God, what an inspiration all this traveling, witnessing, and meeting so many different christian brothers and sisters on the missionary journey. WOW!! It’s fantastic!!! I enjoyed reading all of the blogs. It did my heart and soul good. I’m doing fine!!! Everyone is awaiting for your return to Franklin, NC., the church for sure, and sure again many of the folks in Franklin area. Also guys, you along with Gena, and the Foresters are invited to the Hair residence (Janet & Daisy) for supper. When you get back we will set up a time. I love to cook, but have no one to cook for now. However, as a ministry during Thanksgiving, I had baked four pumpkin pies, and made 3 batches of peanutbutter fudge, and gave them all away. Everyone loved it. It was fun, and because I did it as unto the Lord, everything came out perfect. Ialso have been having a great time in my devotional time each morning – LOVE IT, and Jesus. Looking to seeing ye all soon.

    Love and Blessings,
    Janet Hair

  2. Pastor Justin Says:

    Wahoo! do you think you will be swinging by to visit on the way back? we would love to see you all again! we will be continuing to remember you in prayer please keep us updated on your journey home!

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