We call ourselves the HopeWalk guys.  We left Franklin NC on August 4th, 2008 to walk across America to spread the hope in Jesus we have found in our own lives.  Our Director, Mike Warriner, drives the support van and handles all the logistics while Mathhew Priddle, 31, and Noah Myer, 33, walk.  We average 20 miles per day and stay with churches that God directs us to along the way.  Some churches put us up in motels, which we enjoy, and others give us a place to roll out our bedrolls in their buildings.  We are happy either way just to get out of the weather.

Mike is author of a newly published book, The Church in the Wilderness (Tate Publishing), and tries to visit as many churches along our way as he can to pray with pastors and encourage and inspire churches to break out of the ordinary and bring souls to Jesus.  Matt and Noah walk and witness to whomever the Holy Spirit puts in their path.

We all have backgrounds in addictions and believe God would have us spread the word that Jesus is the hope of the hopeless.  He is able to set us free from every bondage. 

We have walked out of our comfort zone in faith that God will provide for our needs.  We have no means of support except the kindness and obedience of those upon whom God may place an unction to help us.  We do not ask for donations but gladly accept any gift with a prayer for the giver.

Our final destination, unless God tells us differently, is Florence OR.  We hope to arrive their around Dec. 20-22 so we will have time to drive home for Christmas.  We believe this is only the beginning. God is already showing us new ideas to reach the lost and inspire the Body of Christ and he is making relationships across the country within the Body for a purpose. 

We want to proclaim the unity in the Family of God and do all we can do to bring this wonderful family together.  A unified Body would bring incredible revival to this nation.  God bless you all for your kindness and support.  Your prayers are the fuel that keep us going.

Affiliation:  We are a multi-denominational group that is affiliated with every born-again Christian in the world.  Mike’s home church is First Pentecost Assembly of God in Franklin NC.  Matthew’s home church is Port City Church in Wilmington NC.  Noah is Southern Baptist.


2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Desi Tucker Says:

    Congrats Matt! I’ve been following you guys through all the wonderful pictures and journals online. I can’t tell you how proud I am of what you are doing. I really wish you all of the happiness and inner-peace that God can and does provide.

    Do you have any plans to come up to WA after your last stop in Oregon? Please let us know!


  2. Gary Merkle Says:

    I just heard about your walk for Jesus.
    GO INTO ALL THE…………. springs to mind.
    Looking forward to reading it all.
    Your B.I.C.
    In His Service,

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